Types of Lessons

It is never to late to learn to play a musical instrument. In fact our youngest students playing instruments are from 5 years of age and the oldest 94.

Our approach is very flexible, varied and individual, based on the students interests and experience.

Instrumental lessons can be for fun or preparation for grade exams, both ABRSM and Rock School. We can assist you to prepare either for classic or contemporary grades.

Early Learning Classes

Occasional and regular sessions for children from 2 years of age to pre school age.

Sessions are organised paying attention to the children's age and their development needs. The most important aim is the musical skills development at this stage as well as the language, emotional, social, and spatial awareness skills development through the music.

The sessions involve singing, instruments movement, games puppets and more fun activities. Children have an enjoyable and exciting music experience at DoMiSol Music and this is undeniably the most valuable play time.

Please contact us about the currently run sessions or if you would like to arrange one in you own setting or place.

Music Reception Classes

Occasional and regular sessions for children aged 5-7 years (Reception & KS1)

We realise the need of the continuous music education and these sessions can be a good choice for those who have already attended the Early Years classes and would like to continue their music making experience at DolMeSol Music. Additionally this is a great base for the further music skills development for those who would like alongside instrumental lessons to have music making experience in a group. These sessions can help to prepare for instrumental lessons.

Activities involve ensemble playing in a group, singing, rhythm and introduction to music notation. Using well known music teaching systems ad approaches such as Orf, Kodaly, Suzuki and Dal Croze, children not only enjoy their musical experience but also develop the very important musicianship skills.